Commercial Property

One of the main focuses of VVM Konzeption und Projektentwicklung GmbH is the user- and demand-oriented development of commercial real estate.

Following detailed location analyses, taking into consideration the regional conditions, VVM Konzeption und Projektentwicklung GmbH integrates the appropriate users and operators, e.g. for retail, offices or hotels, and manages the contract negotiations and the conclusion of tenancy agreements or other cooperation agreements. Preparing the authorization planning and obtaining construction permits complete the corresponding project developments.

As far as the trade sector is concerned, VVM Konzeption und Projektentwicklung GmbH has been active in shopping malls in Bamberg, Meiningen, Pößneck, and trading areas in Dresden, Nuremberg, Passau, Würzburg.
Other relevant commercial real estate  activities include hotels in Bamberg, Erlangen, Heroldsbach, Königstein, Nuremberg, Boardinghouses in Munich and Herzogenaurach as well as a dormitory in Pössneck.